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our story

and how it all began..

 Brave Little Lamb was released into the world March of 2022. Our headquarters are located in Frisco, Texas (North Dallas area).

When I began this small business journey I learned that quality always trumps quantity. As a mom who bought cheaper outfits for her fast growing son, I learned that not only did these outfits not last, but they didn't fit for very long. I transitioned Brave Little Lamb to have only high-quality baby clothing and knitwear because it is made to last for the years to come. Because our items are made with high quality materials (such as organic cotton, bamboo, etc.) they do cost more than the average baby outfit. We try to get our customers the best cost we can afford.

Well recognized brands

organic cotton

true to size

The brands we carry I 100% stand behind and adore for their styles, material and being mama-owned. Our goal is for you to love each piece as much as we do and of course be so excited when your package arrives! My favorite part of running this small business is getting to know all you mamas through social media and emails, I also love finding new brands + products to display in our store that I think our customers will love.

I can't thank you enough for being apart of our little community and supporting Brave Little Lamb. I hope to grow and continue to provide high quality, adorable outfits for your little ones.

we are so happy you're here

hello mama

At Brave Little Lamb we love to support mama-owned brands, you will notice almost all of our brands are small businesses owned by mamas like you + me. We are constantly working to improve ourselves, providing only the best quality baby clothing + products for our customers for long-lasting wear. Times are tough right now--we aim to give our customers the best price and many opportunities to enjoy discounts along the way!

Our Products

  • Made with high-quality, organic cotton
  • Designed by mamas and ethnically sourced
  • All of our products are shipped from our headquarters in Texas

What we Offer

  • New arrivals dropping every week
  • A mobile app
  • 24/7 support, we are always available to help you

meaning behind the name

the lamb

The lamb represents Christ as both suffering and triumphant; it also symbolizes Christ & gentleness, innocence and purity. Jesus is the perfect, spotless lamb who was willing to be slain for you so that you can be saved. Children are sometimes symbolized as lambs due to their innocence. So we wanted to create that connection with Christ in our name.

need prayer?

prayer box

Brave Little Lamb features a Prayer Box form on our website to serve our customers through prayer. We love praying over people in need, stranger or not, customer or not.  It is completely anonymous and we will only contact you if you desire.

Quality first

When we started Brave Little Lamb we quickly learned there was a need for high quality baby clothing options in the retail space. As a veteran mama I have learned that premium materials last much longer + saves you money down the road.

Humble beginnings

Our story begins with a small shop run by me, a stay at home mama. With nothing but passion and a dream our shop was born.

Frequently asked questions about brave little lamb

No, we currently are online only. It would be a dream come true to have a physical store one day.

We have a few pieces that we work with a manufacturing company. But they are not our designs.

We hope to start our own clothing line one day that has our unique designs.

We really hope to do a pop up shop sometime this year. We are still on the search for the right venue and fit for our store.

30 day returns

Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.

speedy shipping

We aim to process our orders in 2 business days.

24/7 support

We are available anytime through email or chat.