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Love your purchase?  Want to let us know or want to know what to do. 

Leaving a review of product(s) you purchased from us greatly helps us + our customers make the best purchase for their needs.


How to Leave a Review

1. Find the product you purchased by using the search bar or selecting the collection it was found in.

2. Find the reviews tab under the product information, click the link that says, "write a review" and simply write what you love about the product--include a photo or two if you would like.

3. Hit submit, and you are done! 

--we send email requests for a review so you can also submit a review that way as well.


We love to reward customers that leave a review, once your review is posted we will email you a special gift + if you leave a photo review that gift will be doubled as a thank you for taking the time to review our products!