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Baby and kids thrive on daily schedules, but it can be difficult to find a schedule that works for your unique child.  With my son, I would research to find a few schedules for his age group and try them to see what worked for him the best.  So, in this blog I will be sharing a schedule you can try for your babe.  I will have some for 3-6months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months and 12-18 months.

When I had friends or family watch my son, I had my schedule ready to go (color-coded I may add!).  I’m a very structured, planner-type, schedule orientated person.  I feel better knowing my baby is on a schedule and I can stay on task with my day.  If you’re not a schedule person that is just fine, but I feel children need a schedule to adapt to.  They need to know when it is time to play and when it is time to wind down. Also naps, feeding times, feeding amounts are all up to you. Everyone and every baby is different--my son for example loved his naps and was fed more ounces than others at his age.  Your schedule may differ if you're introducing solids as well (you can see that on one of the 3-6-month schedules).  Whatever your lifestyle is, or baby goals are, your baby will adjust.  

Keep in mind, schedules never have to be followed to a T, but are more like a guideline.  If you have schedule that you and your child are loving right now, please share in the comments!  New mamas and veteran mamas, we can always help each other—as we know motherhood can be chaotic at times.

3-6 Months

6-9 Months

9-12 Months

12-18 Months (1 Nap Schedule)

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