If you're a new mother, it can be overwhelming to decide what baby items you actually NEED. In this blog, we complied our favorites and the favorites of other moms we know. 

I become a mom in 2020 and I clearly remember feeling overwhelmed on what to ask for at the baby shower, I asked every mom I knew to help me.  There are a few things I bought that I never used, so I'm here to guide you--hopefully it helps you out and relieves some stress!  I know there are many more products I love that could be added to this list, but I just jotted down the ones that stuck out to me instantly. 


  • UBBI Diaper Pail--expensive but highly recommend it
  • UBBI Wipe Dispenser--not necessary but it looks nice and organized
  • Waterproof Mattress Protector, you can get a 2 pack on Amazon
  • Owlet Sock (we never thought we would buy a $300 sock until our soon encountered some breathing problems and it has been worth every penny!)


  • ELVIE breast pump--if you're a working mom this is a life saver, as a teacher you had to take advantage of any time to pump--this make it easier than a traditional pump
  • Bamboobies Reusable Breast Pads--they are more comfortable, and you just throw them in the wash and reuse
  • Lansinoh Nipple Cream--their heating & cooling therapy breast pads are good too
  • HAAKA milk saver--super helpful for catching let down milk--it can add up and great for starting your stash
  • LaVie Lactation Massager--Amazon (provide heat and vibration to help with milk flow) a little pricey but I used them all the time
  • Little Remedies Saline Drops
  • Zarbee's Baby Massage Oil & Sleep Spray--helped calm our little one after baths; we still have a lot left over of these
  • Zarbee's Cough Syrup + Immune, worked great when our son was sick 
  • Colic Calm-homopathic gas relief, worked well for our son
  • Infant Tylenol --a must for fevers
  • Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer--we love this, its alcohol free
  • FridaBaby ANYTHING--all their products are amazing but you already know the NoseFrida works wonders (you gotta get it)
  • Rhoost Baby Files--great for when your baby is too small to use nail clippers


  • Copper Pearl Burp Cloths- thick, soft burp cloths, we love them
  • Silicone Baby Bibs--there are a ton brands to choose from (we have some on our store), but they are much easier to clean than cloth bibs
  • Dr. Brown's Bottles--these worked best for our lttlle, but it's really up to your baby on what bottle they like


  • For summers, you need an attachable/portable fan (we just got ours of Amazon)
  • Diaper bag with travel changing pad--comes in handy when there is NOT a changing table (we have an ergo baby backpack that I love!) Although I really want to get an Itzy Ritzy Bag since I'm hoping to put those in our store next year (YAY)
--> not getting into strollers/carseats because that is truly up to your personal preference and lifestyle.


  • Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Soap, we liked using this to clean bottles--their other cleaning products are great
  •  Baby food blender or processor (we had the Nurtibullet system and it worked great) but I heard the Beaba babycook is great too
Comment below your baby must-haves!  I can't wait to see what you all love and can't live without.  Let's help out each other and new mamas all over, I will definitely take in all your comments for our next baby!

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